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Why can’t people do what’s right? Why is it so hard to put others before yourself when it’s necessary? My favorite grandma is dying of bladder cancer. She doesn’t want treatment, she just wants to be comfortable. I know she’s tired and I know she’s sad. My grandpa passed away in 1995 and her only son died in 2009. However, I hate that she’s given up.  I just hate it.
My aunt is taking care of things, and she’s just not doing things right. She’s doing what’s convenient for her, and not what’s best for her mother.  MY mom is also being selfish. Her husband wants to go to Florida and she’s not doing anything to stop him. They haven’t gone yet, but what happens if they go and grandma dies? What will that do to her?  Is she in denial?

My dad died when I was a kid. My mom raised my brother and I alone.  I will do everything in my power to take care of my mom when she’s not able. I will do what’s right for HER. I may not like it, but I know what she’s sacrificed for me and I will sacrifice anything for her, because of my love for her.

This morning, in negative temperatures, my brother’s car battery died while putting air in his tire at a gas station. No one would give him a jump and no one would help him move his vehicle out of the way of other customers.  He had to walk to my house to get help because I live nearby.  I got out of my warm bed and did what needed to be done.

When did we become so self-centered? Why do we not think about others anymore? I get more jaded every day.  All of us have our selfish moments, but wouldn’t we want others to help us when we’re in need?  All I can do is go about my way and help when I can. Maybe it will rub off, maybe not. If we all tried, it wouldn’t be so hard.