I hate grocery shopping unless it’s really late or early. Tuesdays at Kroger are particularly bad because it’s Senior Citizen day (at least, it used to be) and it’s the last day of the current sales ad. I couldn’t avoid it, though. It had to be done.

Last week, I got a rain check for greek yogurts that the boys and I like. It was on sale for $.39/apiece, a steal. I got the rain check for 24. Yes, 24. I have teen boys – don’t judge me.

Anyway, the cashier was new and didn’t know the protocol. After he rang everything up and *then* asked how to do the rain check, he realized he’d have to void every single one and then do a price override on all 24. Ugh. Sucks, but I really was not in a hurry and I totally understand being new to a job. Everyone is new at SOME point. I was a great learning tool for that kid.

There was a woman behind me who already had her items on the belt. Probably 8 or so. The cashier told her politely that it was going to be a while and it would probably be quicker to go to the next aisle. Well, she just FLIPPED the F out!! Snipped at him like he kicked her dog. She also let him know loudly that she would speak with his manager.

Nope. Not on my watch. He did nothing wrong and I don’t work there. I turned around and said, “Ma’am, we have all been new to a job and he made an honest mistake. He’s learning how to do this now so he doesn’t hold anyone else up in the future. Have you never worked before? Just leave him alone and go over to the next aisle, no one is there!” So, she stomped off.

The cashier, wide-eyed, looked at me and said a very sincere “Thank you” and I told him that I generally dislike the public and she had no reason to speak to him the way she did. He said, “I honestly didn’t think she’d flip out like that. And she wants to talk to my manager”
I said, “She has a stick up her ass. You did nothing wrong. Let her talk to your manager. I’ll wait right beside her and talk to your manager, too.”

He thanked me again and said I made his day. Awww.

I made my day when the B got in front of me on her way out of the store, stomping like a wild horse…. and she was parked beside me. *EVIL LAUGH*
I got my things loaded in my trunk just as she did. I looked at her and said, “I hope people talk to your children today exactly like you did that poor cashier.”