The idea of Trump being president is not funny any more. He is our worst nightmare. This man is hate rolled into an ego-inflated, shit burrito.
My kid has been talking to Army recruiters and this man is going to throw us into WWIII. I don’t want to sacrifice my kid so someone like Trump can express his displeasure over brown people.

Some folks like him because he ‘speaks his mind’: so doesn’t every other schmuck on the street! It doesn’t make them President material.  He is smart enough to recognize that some people will believe anyone or anything if it suits their ideals.

He preaches that he’s going to make America great again: how is he going to do that? What’s his plan? I have only heard rhetoric, hatred, and ignorance spewed from his mouth. I would be impressed if he suggested any sort of strategy.

When were we ever great, anyway?? We are made up of a country of rejects who proceeded to kill off most of our natives, enslaved an entire race, and have tried to alienate/oppress every type of person that isn’t white, male, protestant, and straight.

Do his supporters think a man, who was born a millionaire, has Average Joe’s best interests at heart? He has NO idea what it’s like to struggle; what it’s like being on the bottom rung of middle class and teetering over the chasm of poverty. And you know what? He does NOT care.