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Beginning on November 9, 2016, right-wingers started calling for unity among the political parties. They say we have to stop hating and get over it. That we need to love one another.

They want us to believe that they feel this in their hearts when they are still bashing Obama? They are calling the Women’s March on Washington the work of Nazis. They keep spreading untruths to make us see something that isn’t there.

I remember the pictures of burning and hanging Obama in effigy. Do not doubt MY memory.

The Trump election goes far beyond not liking policies, not liking the politics of a particular man. We have all seen this man mock a disabled reporter. We all heard the tape in which he bragged about grabbing women by their genitalia – as though women are merely playthings for the rich.  We heard him call all Mexicans rapists, but he’s sure some of them are very nice people.

There will be unity. This unity will come  in the form of folks banding together to stop a man whose character is far from presidential. We want a leader who stands up for us, not call us losers in tweets. We want a leader who will see to ALL our needs, who TRIES to make us better. This man has proved time and time again that he does not have the temperament to lead. He is full of hate and the country can never be unified as long as people support the blind hatred of others.