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Early this morning, Little Tweetolini bitched and moaned on Twitter as per his norm. He is probably grumpy from not being able to take a fourth vacation so soon. We understand. We hate it when we have to adult and be held accountable at our jobs, too.

Two of his tweets centered around the country’s debt and were laced with self-praise and media distrust.

Once again, these are classic misleading tweets. The financial circumstances of Obama’s and Trump’s first months are so different, there is no basis of comparison. When Obama took office, the country was in the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

As of right now, the government is STILL running under the previous budget, so Agent Orange’s administration can take no credit for these numbers no matter the circumstance.

It’s just Twitter as usual for Trump – cry fake news while making fake announcements.

We know what he is implying here. He just loves to mock his opponents’ rallies and protests. With him and his supporters, there is always that underlying message that rights are great unless it comes to others’ right to protest.

Bernie Sanders, who has never shied away from making his distaste of Trump known, replied to Lord Cheeto’s rally tweet and our love for him resurged. He only needed four words:


So simple, but it was perfect. Bernie beat Trump at his own Twitter game and it must be killing him. Just to push the point a little further, Trump’s tweet is currently sitting at 93K likes while Bernie’s is at 212K likes, more than double Trump’s. Cue the sad trombone.

Bernie isn’t quite done with trolling Trump on Twitter today. Less than an hour ago, he tweeted:

Do you see how simple his tweets are? How perfectly worded for that platform? Twitmaster Trump, take note. You don’t need a lot of words to tell the truth. Take some tips from Sanders, mmmm’kay? We crown him the true Twitter King.